Armpits and pain in this area: everything you were afraid to ask about it!

Many kinds of sore armpits could appear on the base of different reasons. This problem is always silent because people shy to confess in this problem. The main cause of shyness is a lack of knowledge. They didn’t know what could be the main reasons for their discomfort and that’s why the decision to visit a doctor comes so much strain. But if you appeared pain under right armpit or at the left side, you should probably find the main point of this situation.

Main causes of the sore armpit

Sore under armpit could appear as the result of different kinds of influences. They are:
– injuries;
– the period after surgery operation;
– neoplasm in the breast;
– allergy;
– cardiovascular system illness.

Such wide list of causes appeared because armpits have the connection with many health systems. It means, that we should continue with our topic, according to the reasons.

1) Injuries.
Sore armpit could be the result of fast arm movements. The most common reason is stretching of the muscles and ligaments of the shoulder joint. It could be an accident (awkward movement or something like that). In this case, the pain would appear in a moment and would be not strongly marked, but regular.

2) The period after surgical operation.
Another common cause of the question about why does my armpit hurt is mammary gland surgery. Changing of its position and unavoidable tissue damage could bring the pain. In this case, the pain would be marked but every minute its influence would be decreased step by step.

3) Neoplasm of the Breast.
Different kinds of neoplasms which could appear in the male and female breast could bring hurt too. Their growth brings damage on all around tissues and as the result nerve endings are going to show their reaction to the stimulus. It is easy to be diagnosed even at home. You should put the palm of your hand on the back of the head. When your breast tissues will be lifted, it is easy to find a rigid structure of neoplasm.

4) Allergy.
Inflammation of tissues could be the main cause too. It could be the reaction to the started allergy and symptoms would be fixed by the anti allergic drugs.

5) Cardiovascular system illness.
Blood vessels play a huge part in armpits health too. When the patient has some problems with heart or vessels, his body can’t provide healthy blood circulation. As the result, some zones in armpits could demonstrate increased vessel’s size. It leads to the uncomfortable feelings and in most of the cases, it is easy to find by huge pulsation in this zone.

Is it dangerous?

Armpits zone could be called as the main signal zone. Discomfort in this area could show many problems with your health which could be fixed without risk. But you should know that pain in this zone could be normal only during female periods when under the additional blood supply tissues could be enlarged.

Reasons to visit a doctor

When you know that pain appeared after injuries or before periods and it happens regularly, there is no point to be worried about. But if pain appeared sudden, you should visit a doctor.

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