All That You Wanted To Know About Exposed Membership

A lot has been said about Exposed Skin Care System membership. But, what is the Exposed membership all about? And how is it of any help to you? Let us find out.

How do I become an Exposed member?
Don’t worry, you will not have to fill in long forms to become an Exposed member. Just buy your Exposed Acne Treatment Kit online and you will automatically become an Exposed member. Whenever you are buying your Exposed Skin Care Kit, you will have two buying options to choose from. You can either buy the product as an ‘Exposed member’ or you can select the option ‘Order without Exposed membership’.

What are the benefits of Exposed membership?
If you thought that Exposed membership is all about access to some online skin care guide, then you are highly mistaken. The Exposed Skin Care membership offers you a lot more than that. Here are some of the benefits that you can enjoy on becoming an Exposed member.

Make great savings – When you place your order as an Exposed member, you are entitled to various discounts. For instance, the Exposed Five Piece Kit can be purchased for $49.95 as a member. However, if you purchase the product without membership, you are required to pay $59.95. The Exposed Six Piece Expanded Kit too entitles you to a discount of $10 on buying the product as a member.

No more placing your orders – You need not get into the hassle of placing your Exposed order. Once, you enroll yourself for Exposed membership, you are automatically sent your Exposed Skin Care Kits on a monthly basis.

Auto Shipment facilities – Exposed members need not confirm their shipments every time. Their products are shipped each month as per their delivery schedule.

Update your billing information easily – If you have changed your billing address or contact number, there is no need to worry. Exposed members are provided with a special account and are informed of their login ID and password. You can easily log in into your account using this ID and password and change your billing information.

Schedule your delivery – When you are an Exposed member, you truly are the boss. Exposed membership allows you to decide when the product will be delivered. This means that you can specify as and when you would want the product to be shipped to you.

Cancel your delivery anytime – If you feel that you do not need the next Exposed Skin Care Kit, you can cancel your delivery at any time. And yes, there are no cancellation fees.

If you do not want to miss on to these benefits, become an Exposed member right away.

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